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When you speak multiple languages,

you can get higher earnings, a wider network of business partners, a larger number of friends, and you will manage more efficiently in foreign countries. Scientists have also discovered that polyglots in old age have a lower chance of memory loss, as well as that they solve everyday problems more easily and have more developed creativity.

The list of reasons "for" learning a new language is long. It's up to you to find your personal motivations. At SCU, you can currently study English and German as the most popular and useful languages for people from our area.

Levels A1 - C2

English language

SCU offers different levels of English language proficiency: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. First, we will conduct a free test to assess your knowledge and, accordingly, determine where you should start with upgrading your vocabulary. A trial class is offered to make sure that SCU is really the place for you.

Enrich your CV with the most sought-after language in business!

The Business English course

When you know business English, you will find it much easier to find a common language with individuals and companies in the globalized business world, whether you work in a private company, have your own company, or are a freelancer.

Because English is dominant

in today's business environment, you can often come into contact with native speakers—they use specific phrases and professional terminology that you probably don't come across every day. But with SCU's Business English course, these expressions and words will enter your vocabulary. And as they say, you will get that ball rolling!

Your everyday business life

Your professional life will be easier at work, and you will raise your professional profile to a higher level. The online business English course is intended for participants who are preparing for a career in the international community or for participants who already have a job and are interested in improving their English. Teachers with many years of experience will help you to quickly and efficiently develop your language skills in a business environment.

Learning English language

The selection of material and context for listening and reading, as well as the selection of grammar exercises and vocabulary, differs from that of general English. We have divided our course into instructional lessons to prepare you for situations you are likely to encounter in your workplace. At the end of our English language course, you will have the language skills you need to succeed in your job.

Let's start with the basics

from telephone etiquette to key words in conversation. After that, you move on to more advanced tasks, such as conducting a meeting in English, negotiating, and giving a successful presentation. Also, in the SCU online course, you will learn how to write a great business e-mail or report in English. Upon completion, you will receive the appropriate certificate and confirmation for your CV.

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English language

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Let your child master English in the virtual SCU school

An online English course for children

While you are mastering business English,

Your child

can attend our virtual SCU school at the same time. Although it is never too late for new knowledge, studies show that it is most effective to start learning a language before the age of ten so that a person can speak it completely fluently.

Your child

For that reason,

enroll in an online English course as soon as possible. Through common everyday situations in the company of your peers, you will learn the basics of the language. The child's vocabulary becomes richer with each completed lesson thanks to video material and a dedicated teacher.

The school may not have a reputation as a favorite place among the kids,

But that's why in virtual SCU classrooms

even the youngest are very happy to visit. The material is mastered through fun games, songs, and stories, so the little ones always eagerly await the next lecture.

If you prefer 1-on-1 hours,

At SCU we also offer

the possibility of attending individual foreign language classes—this includes: writing assignments, preparing for tests, written papers, exams, dictation, writing an application and biography, alone with the lecturer. Foreign language instruction (morphology and syntax) takes place for all ages and all levels, as well as all professional areas in which the student is interested.

Individualized 1-on-1

lectures with the lecturer are adapted to individuals depending on their occupation, prior knowledge, and expected pace of advancement. With an individual foreign language course, you independently choose the number of hours, class dates, course dynamics, and language content! The best working conditions and quality lectures for each participant are the goals of our team.

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