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What is the Entrepreneurial Academy?

SCU launched the Entrepreneurship Academy with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment. Given that the previous few generations of participants produced dozens of great people with a sense of business, we indirectly contributed to the creation of new jobs, increasing the quality of life of local communities and strengthening the startup culture.

After school, young people usually find themselves at a crossroads - which direction to go?

One path leads to employment in a good company. This option carries greater security and suits risk-averse individuals.

However, there is also a totally different type of person: daring, adventurous, with an entrepreneurial spirit, who values freedom and whose mind is preoccupied with business ideas.

If you recognize yourself in the description above

There is another way for you: starting your own business venture. Even if you first walked the first path and, in the meantime, realized that it is not for you, it is never too late to switch to the second one.

There are a lot of doubts at the start

With no resources, no experience, and no support from others, the danger of failure is too great. But developing one's own business brings the highest assessment of one's abilities. The Entrepreneurial Academy can help you achieve top results in business.

With the support of the municipality of Travnik

SCU invites people who have inclinations for business growth and development, people who plan to start their own business and want to learn modern techniques of successful business management, and people who want to expand their knowledge of modern techniques of successful business management.

Attendees from different age groups

That it is never too early or too late to venture into entrepreneurship is evidenced by our previous participants of the Entrepreneurship Academy, whose age range is from 18 to 50+.

A work approach adapted to you

Each participant of the Entrepreneurship Academy is special to us because of their different ideas, personalities, goals, and businesses. We will tailor the program according to your needs, wishes, and aspirations. 

Experts with qualifications and opportunities for collaboration

Behind the Entrepreneurial Academy are entrepreneurs ready to share their experiences with you and your colleagues. From socializing in the classes, fruitful collaborations between the participants can be born.

A tried-and-true strategy for success

Our greatest pride is that, with the help of the Entrepreneurial Academy, many of you have already managed to develop serious business stories. Become one of them yourself.

Darijo Jerković, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurial Academy lecturer

Alma Bašić

Entrepreneurial Academy lecturer

Rialda Jašarević

Entrepreneurial Academy lecturer

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Entrepreneurial Academy

Do you have an affinity for business growth and development? Are you planning to start your own business?
Do you want to master the modern techniques of successful company management?

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Entrepreneurial Academy

What will you learn?

Program Poduzetničke Akademije

Entrepreneurship Academy Duration: 10 modules-twice for two school hours (1x45 min, break 15 min, 1x45 min), weekly in the evening classes per online module.
The number of lessons: 98
Level: Basic/Intermediate

This training covers a wide field of entrepreneurship in order to provide each participant with an insight into the possibilities, activities, tools, platforms, and strategies of how to start and run a business—from market positioning to relations with potential partners and employees to marketing.
With occasional tests, we will check how well you have mastered the material covered.

Module 1

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Module 2

The Secret to Business Success

Module 3

Mindset shifts

Module 4

Changes in the way of thinking and acting

Module 5

Design thinking - from idea to business

Module 6

Marketing's Influence

Module 7

Branding as an attraction, recruitment, and retention strategy

Module 8

Response to recession and crisis-managers and leaders

Module 9

Soft skills – business communication and sales skills

Module 10

Financial and investment planning, as well as pitching and presenting ideas

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Entrepreneurial Academy

If you want to start your own business, the Entrepreneurial Academy is the ideal choice for you!


Ph.D. Sc., Darijo Jerkovic
Doctor of Economic Sciences: management, marketing, and trade. He currently works at the Faculty of Business Economics and the Faculty of Information Technology at the University "Vitez" as an associate professor and lecturer in the group of subjects in the field of "Marketing and Trade". He is a member of the Management Board of Economic d.o.o. Vitez is responsible for the sector of economic and commercial issues, in addition, holds the functions of head of the wholesale department, controller, and coordinator of the franchise network. He participated in a large number of seminars, professional and scientific conferences, and professional and scientific research projects. He is the author of the books Digital Marketing (2022) and Introduction to Market Research (2019), as well as over 30 scientific papers and articles. In addition to the above, he is the president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the secretary of the European Home in Bosnia and Herzegovina Vitez association, a member of the GS1 Sarajevo association, etc.

B. Sc. Econ. Rialda Jašarević
Trainer with many years of experience in the field of education on business topics: business planning, development of marketing/business plans, project management, management of sales skills, and other related fields. She has a special passion for working with young people who have a tendency to develop their own ideas into businesses, as well as working with small and medium-sized enterprises. She has launched dozens of startups and secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funds for her clients.

B.Sc. econ. Alma Bašić
Consultant in the field of business development with many years of experience in working on projects for improving the businesses of small and medium-sized enterprises and starting START-UP companies in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She gained international experience through additional education in the field of business development in cooperation with La Trobe University in Australia and the Development Center in Munich, Germany. He has special skills in the application of the CANVAS methodology, strategic planning, and creative skills, but he is particularly fulfilled by motivating young people to start their own businesses and venture into entrepreneurial waters.



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