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Who are we?

We are SCU

Center for Lifelong Learning (SCU) is a non-governmental organization founded in Travnik in 2015.

Our primary goal is to provide our participants with high-quality education so that they can advance in their careers, find a new and better-paying job, start their own business, or work as freelancers. All depends on their wishes and needs.

The Center for the Digital Age

When we entered in this story, the world was a much different place than it is today. However, even then, we visionary recognized today's leading trends in business: digitization, development of startup companies, IT sector, and innovations.

Our goal was to transfer our knowledge to other people, what made us happy years ago.

Through our greatest passions, education and technology.

We help companies and individuals improve their operations, increase their competitiveness in the market and operate more profitably.

Following our mission

So far, we have implemented numerous activities and initiatives related to lifelong learning that have been driven by our mission. The trainings that we organize in accordance with the Development Strategy of the Municipality of Travnik and the Central Bosnia Canton cover the most recent professional and technological trends and allow participants to immediately apply what they have learned.

Our education is divided into levels and consists of several modules are related to European and international standards.

Over the past years

SCU has intensively implemented educational programs in the fields of IT, foreign languages, informatics and computing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Our team of associates and lecturers extremely professionally and unselfishly conveys the knowledge they have acquired through many years of education, work, and participation in conferences, seminars, and workshops within the same or similar educational areas.

Inclusivity and teamwork are our priorities

SCU Team

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Anto Bilić


Marija Smoljan

Project coordinator

Danilo Grbić

Marketing / Digitus Marcus

Lojzo Tomić

Project coordinator

Ermina Mujčić

UI / UX Designer

Lejla Spahić

Full-stack developer

Almir Zukan

Full-stack developer

Why is it said, SCU is in the center of events?

SCU own's

440-square-meter space, it's geostrategic location in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina makes it an ideal venue for organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Have two smaller classrooms and one large computer-equipped classroom. There is also a large conference room, a small administrative office, three STEM rooms, a kitchen, and two toilets. SCU has the necessary equipment as well as human and technical resources to carry out educational and other programs.

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