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SCU's 3-Step, Guide to Success

You know what we can offer you, but you're still thinking - you think it's not the right time, and you have more important work, and this, and that. Because of inertia, we frequently overlook the good things in life. So, let us dispel such notions with a simple formula for success that, by chance, is hidden right behind our name - SCU.

S as...

put Self training first

What we have learned through years of experience in educating others and improving ourselves is that it is difficult for people to achieve perfection. But you can easily become the best version of yourself. Only if you are steadfast in your decision and it is your top priority.

C as...

Contribute with others

We are not gamers, but life reminds us a lot of video games. Each subsequent level is more difficult, but we reach it better equipped thanks to the fact that we passed the previous one. Set smaller goals for yourself first, and let them be more demanding after they are achieved.

U as...

Up your mind

Enroll now. You already have the first goal: registering for the desired SCU training. The second builds on it: achieving phenomenal results during education. The third also comes naturally: applying the acquired knowledge and skills in life-for more income, more connections, whatever.

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Digitus Marcus

Social networks represent a huge market with over 4 billion users globally. In addition, advertising on social platforms is significantly cheaper compared to promotion in traditional media such as TV, and brings up to 10 times better results.

This is just one aspect of the dynamic world of digital marketing that you will master as part of the SCU Digitus Markus Academy, which is intended for all people willing to invest in their professional development. Best of all, this is an investment that has a very short payback period and will allow you greater visibility and revenue.

Entrepreneurial Academy

About 10% of startup companies fail in the first year of operation. We believe in the potential of your business idea and we will not let it suffer the same fate!

We admit, not all successful entrepreneurs in the world started their careers at SCU. But what we can guarantee is that all entrepreneurs who attended classes with us are reaping the fruits of their labor today—their businesses, which they founded before or after our academy, record incredible successes of which we are proud.


Did you know that knowing more than one language can bring you up to 20% more income? You will profit even if you do not have a classic 9 to 5 job—if you are a polyglot entrepreneur, you will be able to enter new markets, and if you are freelancing and speak several languages, you will reach foreign clients.

The most useful is certainly English, as it is the leading language of business, science, and technology; it will also help you communicate with people wherever you travel. That's why at SCU we offer top language courses as part of our language school.

Digital Business

In recent decades, terms such as digitization, digital transformation, and the fourth and fifth industrial revolution have become increasingly common. The boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are slowly being erased.

As a result of this process, according to the statistics of the American consulting firm Gartner, as many as 91% of businesses have some kind of digital initiative. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, digitization is still in its infancy. Take advantage of it and, hand in hand with SCU, be one of the pioneers of digital transformation in our area!


All the academic disciplines important to future programmers are hidden behind the abbreviation STEM: S for science, T for technology, E for engineering, and M for math. This innovative approach to education develops children's curiosity, creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, teamwork...

Keeping in mind how desirable and well-paid STEM occupations are, we have brought this education to us. Even if your child decides to go down a completely different path, the competencies gained at SCU's STEM school will be of immense benefit to them.

Coding Giants

Compared to STEM Kids, the Coding Giants program is more focused on information technology. The programming school helps children understand the processes that take place behind the screens of the devices we use every day, strengthening their logic but also their patience.

Of course, technology in itself is interesting to children and youth, but at SCU we have adjusted the content of the classes to their age, which is how we plan to make technological achievements even more interesting for them. Younger generations acquire skills during classes that will benefit them in many areas of life.

What do you get?

These are just some of the benefits that our participants have noticed. During your journey through SCU, you will surely notice a few more pluses—let us know and maybe we can expand the list with your suggestions.

World trends in education in the heart of Bosnia

Children and adults at SCU gain the same level of knowledge and skills as those who attend foreign high schools.

Excellent and coordinated lecturers

The foundation of education is teachers. SCU has assembled an invaluable team of experts, wants you as their students, to surpass them, so they will selflessly share all the secrets of their knowledge with you.

The possibility of online education

Do you want to improve yourself but think you can't do it because of commitments? We will bring SCU to your doorstep; all you need is an internet connection.

A pleasant space for training

If you're the traditional type who prefers to follow classes in classrooms, our door is always open to you. We are waiting for you!

Application of knowledge in practice

The education system is often criticized because it does not provide students with practical knowledge. You will never hear this remark about SCU-the focus of all our training is practice, practice, practice.

Certificates of completed training

are excellent indicators of the knowledge and skills you have acquired at our training and, as such, a great addition to your business portfolio.

SCU - personalized education

Education for life

We aligned education at SCU with European and international standards and the Development Strategy of the Middle Bosnian Canton. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can follow classes in the field of business development, foreign language courses, as well as training in digital marketing.

You can send your child to a STEM or IT school - both of which will provide him with an excellent foundation for a successful and promising future.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions

Non-formal education is any form of education that does not lead to the acquisition of new qualifications or advancement on the qualification. Informal education means organized learning processes aimed at training people for work, various social activities and personal development.

Lifelong learning is defined as continuous learning throughout life with the aim of improving competences, skills, and knowledge in a personal or employment perspective. Lifelong learning includes learning in all periods of life and in all forms in which it is realized, be it formal, informal. It is a continuous process in which the motivation and results of an individual at a certain age are conditioned by the experience, knowledge, and learning habits acquired at a younger age. Lifelong learning is linked to four basic, interconnected goals: personal satisfaction and development; active citizenship; social inclusion; and employment.

Certificates are not recognized abroad, but they are recognized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The certificate has no expiration date.

A confirmation is a document confirming the completion of a specific course. A certificate is a document that confirms acquired knowledge. SCU issues certificates in Fundamentals of Informatics, which are recognized in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as abroad.

Yes. Through the experience with the pandemic, many have learned an important lesson: it is possible to monitor work and school just as effectively from home. Thanks to digitalization, we adopted this positive practice even before the pandemic, and we continue to apply it. All our training can be followed wherever you are in the world.

Yes, we offer free trial lessons as well as free intro lectures for individual academies. You just need to fill in the application on our page for the academy where you want to enroll, and we will let you know when the free class or lecture will take place.

You just need to fill out the application on our page for the academy you want to attend, and we will let you know when the free class or lecture will take place.

Considering our cooperation with UniCredit Bank, which enabled our participants to buy our training online, if the bank allows you to pay in installments, that option also exists.

Yes. Certain academies offer the possibility of 1-on-1 lessons, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Some academies give you the opportunity to take only what you need, while others are designed as a single unit. See the page of Our Academy to find out about the possibilities of following it. 

Practical exercises are an integral part of our academies and are included in the program.

The maximum number of participants depends on the academy, so we would ask you to familiarize yourself with the program of the academy you are interested in.

Do you have any additional questions?

Feel free to write to us 😉


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