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The Internet is our everyday life

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on which various products and services are marketed both through social networks as well as through websites, emails, and content optimization for search engines.

Your goal as a business owner or digital manager will be to package what you offer in the most attractive online package. At the Digital Marketing Academy, we'll cover various techniques that can help you get noticed in the virtual world and make money from it.

What is the goal of the training?

Digitus Markus aims to familiarize you with the basics of digital marketing (digital identity, marketing strategies and campaigns, platforms and tools for digital marketing) and form the mindset necessary to achieve positive results in your marketing campaigns on the Internet.

The training is highly interactive and requires you to constantly acquire new knowledge and actively apply it in your work. It is important to emphasize that, as in everything, digital marketing should not be given up too soon. It takes a lot of meaningful testing and determination to find your customer. We hope you find it useful and fun!

What do you get from Digitus Markus training?

-Getting to know the basics of digital marketing and entrepreneurship

-Preparation and practical examples for elements of strategy and execution of online marketing campaigns

-Verification and testing of acquired knowledge during the course

-Interactive training that contributes to the formation of a mindset focused on results.

Digitus Markus training intended for?

- Beginners have not become familiar with this field, yet. Would like to acquire knowledge, they can use in practice;

- For those wants to perform digital marketing services and want to expand their knowledge;

- To representatives of companies are ready to engage more actively the Internet works in their favor - Let's get active together in the digital world;

- Of course, everyone is welcome.

Don't have a client?

You don't represent the brand or the company you work for, but you want to improve your knowledge of digital marketing? No problem! The Digitus Markus Academy is practical and you are expected to represent a brand. However, if you are not currently working for anyone, but have the desire to do so, come up with a visual product, service, or business, as well as the market in which it is located.

It can be a website for the sale of Solaris solar panels from Bijeljina, Aida hair salon from Sarajevo, or Ollivander's shop with magic wands from Diagon alley. Let the sky be the limit to your imagination—creativity will also show your potential for digital marketing. Danilo Grbi, lecturer at Digitus Markus Your guide to digital marketing

Danilo Grbić

Lecturer at Digitus Markus

Your guide to digital marketing

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What will you learn?

Digitus Markus training program

Duration: 8 modules—twice for two hours per week (1x45 min, 15 min break, 1x45 min), weekly in the evening hours per online module.

The number of lessons is 48.
Hours worked: 67

Level: Basic/Intermediate

Assignments: During the lecture, participants will be given assignments and quizzes that will help them determine the material.

This training covers a wide field of digital marketing in order to provide each participant with an insight into the possibilities, activities, tools, platforms, and tactics of how to launch and run digital campaigns.

The instructor cannot guarantee the sale of a product or service after applying the knowledge learned in this course.

Module 1

Introduction to Digital Marketing / 4 hours

Module 2

Digital Marketing Activities and Subbranches / 11 hours

99,00 BAM

Module 3

Communication on the Internet / 9 hours

99,00 BAM

Module 4

Digital Marketing Tools and Platforms / 9 hours

99,00 BAM

Module 5

Analytics and campaign preparation / 10 hours

99,00 BAM

Module 6

Google Ads Campaigns in Action / 8 Hours

149,00 BAM

Module 7

Practical Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns / 8 hours

149,00 BAM

Module 8

Email Campaign-Practical / 8 hours

149,00 BAM

An ideal offer for beginners in digital marketing

Digitus Markus "Starter" package

1 od 5 modules

249,00 BAM

Ideal for more difficult digital marketing endeavors.

The Digitus Markus "Advanced" package

Modules of 6 out of 8

299,00 BAM

Buy the complete Digitus Markus training

Learning and saving! Buy the training in its entirety at a promotional price!

499,00 BAM


Danilo Grbić Danilo Grbic is a digital manager, educator, creative producer, and project manager. Although he started his entrepreneurial career much earlier, working additionally as an independent producer for various types of clients, Danilo Grbi officially entered the entrepreneurial world in 2013 by founding the company Antigravity Music, which was a continuation of 13 years of work in the creative zone, mostly in the advertising industry. A year later, through Antigravity Music, he founded the startup Qorio and began to develop a product, a karaoke music application with a smart algorithm for evaluating singing. Qorio has presented at WSJDLive conferences in the United States (Top 5 startups out of 200), Austrian Business Angel Day (Top 5 startups), and various other conferences in the Balkans and beyond, and is one of the winners of the Challenge grant from the Swedish Embassy in BiH. As a startup founder, he constantly upgraded his entrepreneurial spirit through education, training, and, of course, personal experience. After four years, he was forced to stop working on Qorio and focus on the skills he had acquired as a startup founder. Additionally, he founded the online store Crypto & Proud, whose focus was on fans of crypto currencies. The store had grown to over 1,000 products when he decided to shut it down and go to Vietnam to work for Amanotes, a music game developer for mobile phones. The COVID crisis found him in Malaysia, and he was forced to return to the Balkans.

Combining many years of experience in the creative side of advertising and the new skills he acquired through Antigravity Music, Qorio, and Crypto & Proud, Danilo is today a freelance digital manager and consultant who helps his clients dive deep into the waters of digital marketing, a branch of marketing that has gained great popularity in the last 10+ years. Combining a creative approach, commitment to concrete results, and an entrepreneurial mindset with knowledge of the latest techniques, tools, and strategies on the Internet, Danilo can help you readily enter the broad field of digital marketing through the Digitus Markus Digital Marketing Academy at SCU.


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